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What were the motives of VENOM?
One thing that always bothered me while watching the cartoon was what VENOMs motivations were. Were they terrorists? Mercenaries? Or did they simply strive to get rich?
They did all those things in the cartoon.

The first episodes I watched was The Death Stone and Highway to terror. In both episodes VENOM were terrorists. The Death Stone was to be sold to unfriendly nations to spread destruction. In Highway to terror, they got hold of the means to spread earthquakes, and in Matt’s words attract attention to themselves as a power to be reckoned with. For me at least, this set the tone for what VENOM were. Some of you maybe saw an episode where VENOM was trying to find a hidden treasure and that episode set the stage for how you judged them.

While I definitely would prefer to see VENOM as terrorists, the problem is that they really have no foundation. In the first couple of episodes, they had three vehicles and four active members. That always put them at a disadvantage against MASK since they could be outnumbered. Had MASK ever been backed up by the military VENOM would probably have been vanquished.
So from that perspective I think VENOM were better of as mercenaries, kind of like they were when they struck against the Netherlands and threatened to flood the whole country.

Personally, I was bored with most of the episodes where VENOM was chasing after treasures. Especially since Mayhem was so simple minded that he would cut up items such as Cleopatras barge or melt down the golden totem he sniffed out at a time. If such a thing as Cleopatras barge really existed, Mayhem would probably be paid more by doing it legally and any buyer would be more interested in the golden totem itself then more gold.

During the racing series, Miles mentioned to Maximus that VENOM was a large organisation that spread around the world. However, we never actually saw anything about that, so I don’t pay that much attention to his boasting. In the comics, they were backed up by the Contra World, but this is the cartoon being discussed, so I leave that out.

Anyway, what do you think about the motives of VENOM?
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The question is really intriguing, and you've summed it up really well. 

I never thought about what Venom's motives might be when I was a kid. They were just the bad guys. 

And I also think that's what VENOM is. The embodiment of evil. They are everything you said, terrorists, gangsters, crooks, liars. I think VENOM should just embody all facets of evil. And therefore there is no clear statement of what they are. 

MASK was very simple as a series, MASK good, VENOM evil. 

However, I thought VENOM was cooler than MASK.
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Running an F1 team costs about €350.000.000 per year if you want to do it properly.  I therefore think Miles did his dubious things purely to subsidise his racing ambitions and as a side bonus, come to terms with the troubled relationship he had with his twin brother. Miles did it all out of love, and should be respected for it Heart Big Grin
The Gadgetmobile was the first M.A.S.K vehicle!  Spread the truth!!
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VENOM in the cartoon was bigger than the main agents we see in the cartoon. Established in the first episode, we do see multiple generic VENOM Agents in a number of episodes.
In the episode the Oz Effect, they have a fairly large operation going on. The generic VENOM Agents appear to primarily for security and support, and generally don't try to attempt to fight MASK. They also don't seem to have access to any conventional heavy weapons even to fight MASK with and are mostly armed with rifles.

VENOM seems to be pretty much just about financial gain. They do contract out their services to various individuals to preform acts of terrorism (In Dutch, Currency Conspiracy), but this is just for money and not for some other agenda.

Interestingly, Miles Mayhem seems to pay well to outside contacts, as evidenced in the episodes Everglades Oddity, Stone Trees and Secret of the Stones.

But I think the absolute bottom line is for them to get rich. Hey, I bet that house Miles has in the Racing Series PSAs cost a bundle.
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You're right. There were those generic agents, and I did appreciate when they were part as it showed that there actually was some foundation behind Venom. I wonder if their masks could do something.
I still would have prefered Venom to do something else then treasurehunting though.
Agreed on the house Mayhem had in the racing series PSA. It probably did not come cheap. One has to wonder if he bought it with money he had earned illegally.
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In the cartoon, I think Venom's motives is pretty much wealth and power. I do wish the cartoon had really fleshed out Venom's motives and gave us a Mayhem backstory.
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(03-14-2021, 08:59 PM)DekkerI4 Wrote: In the cartoon, I think Venom's motives is pretty much wealth and power. I do wish the cartoon had really fleshed out Venom's motives and gave us a Mayhem backstory.
I agree. It would have been very interesting to learn more about Mayhem's backstory, what motivated him into forming Venom and how. All we have now are the minicomic Flaming beginnings, and it isn't very detailed as it only shows a brief glimpse and all from Matt's perspective.
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