Poll: what will the relaunch action figure size be in?
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old skool 2,5' like the originals!
4 57.14%
3'75 like most toy action figures!
0 0%
It's 2021; bring on the 6' action figs!
3 42.86%
It will probably be LEGO. Everyhing is LEGO these days!
0 0%
Total 7 vote(s) 100%
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What size would the relaunch of M.A.S.K be in?
Once upon a time... MASK came out with a line of 1:24 vehicles that came along with 2,5' action figures. Which was actually quite an odd size, as most action figures at the time (and decades after it in fact) were 3,75' (scale 1:18). I guess in order to keep an acceptable pricepoint of the toys they preferred to make everything smaller then the 'standard' at the time.

Fast forward a few decades, and two new M.A.S.K action figures were made, both Matt Trakker, both in 3,75'... but would this be the way forward, if M.A.S.K would be to be remade? Vehicles would be bigger, prices a lot higher...

Moreover, many toy makers have now even switched to 6' action figures in a search for more detail (or restart the collecting) but would this work for M.A.S.K? Let's discuss!
The Gadgetmobile was the first M.A.S.K vehicle!  Spread the truth!!
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While a larger size would enable more details on the figures, there is the added problem with the costs. Granted, G.I. Joe has had several vehicles, but they were usually sold seperately and you didn't necessarily need the vehicles to collect the figures, while MASK without its vehicles is really nothing special. So, while I would find a larger size fascinating because of the added details, and the ability to do some crossovers, I have to go with the original size.
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What really worries me is that virtually all toylines that in the past were all about vehicles, are all moving towards the figures instead: when did you see a proper GI Joe vehicle, or a Star Wars vehicle?  And by that I don't mean a $350 HASLAB item for a small audience with too much money...  If 6' would be the norm (as with many other lines these days: Star Wars, GI JOE etc.) the vehicles would be outrageously large and expensive (6' TIE fighter anyone? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBfzaVx7R0Y )...

I presume this change is due to the market for these items shifting from kids to grownup collectors.  You see this in so many lines; it's all about details these days instead of the play experience and the prices are really getting to a level that they get too expensive for spontaneous acquisistions at the toy aisle...  GI JOE figs are $20 these days!
The Gadgetmobile was the first M.A.S.K vehicle!  Spread the truth!!
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I voted Old School. I would also like a lego set or just the figures in the GI JOE scale would be fun.
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