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Den's Collection - Den McMahon - 02-24-2021

This is my collection. Pretty much complete, just need a pair of original black Collider masks.

RE: Den's Collection - @m.a.s.k.collector - 02-24-2021

Awesome collection!

RE: Den's Collection - All about M.A.S.K. - 02-24-2021

@Den McMahon I love your collection. Well done buddy

RE: Den's Collection - Pirhino - 02-25-2021

Wow that's impressive!

RE: Den's Collection - Agent on Clogs - 02-26-2021

Colours are still really good; did you do something to the white vehicles?

RE: Den's Collection - Den McMahon - 02-27-2021

Those who were yellowed got a nice hydrigenperoxyde bath. Other than that I think it's mainly the proper lighting that makes em pop.