by All about M.A.S.K. at 09-20-2021, 01:34 PM
A complete overview of all variants from Argentina is missing on the web so far. Here it comes! ??
Now that we have finished the cartoon section, it's time for a new section. Therefore, we have started to build the section for the Play Ful Toys.
Little by little a lot of collectors started to photograph there collection and we will put them online. Of course with all the important info about each toy and card.
Do you have some Play Ful sets in your collection we are missing? Post it in the comments.

[Image: 1632144820_EJj7xHOFD1J1iKg.png]
by All about M.A.S.K. at 09-20-2021, 01:32 PM
Good news for all fans of the cartoon series.

We are incredibly proud to present you our new episode guide.

We have tried to write down all the information about an episode that we could find in the episode and wanted to know ourselves.

Agents, vehicles, technologies, artifacts, locations, episode info, episode mistakes, how the episode was even released. Detailed info about the appearances of Scott and T-Bob are of course not missing. Additionally we have hundreds of screenshots per episode and much more.

We have been working on the episode guide for almost a year and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy reading it.

The episode guide for the 1st season is now online.

Have fun

[Image: 1632144660_JqwZjxROo3UvNcv.jpg]
[Image: 1632144667_A3ujAHfnP3BOOcH.jpg]
by Patrik Eriksson at 03-13-2021, 10:43 AM
My first experience of a MASK comic was #2 of the US comics, when MASK used an impersonator to act as Miles Mayhem and lure Venom into a trap. My older brother had made his first visit to a comic store in Stockholm and came home with several comics. Three of them were Transformers, #4 where a few autobots made their last stand against the Decepticons, #18 which covered the adventures of Blaster on Cybertron and lead to a group under Perceptor arriving on Earth, #19 where the autobots attacked the decepticons in order to learn the secret behind the combiner technology, #20 which was a solo with Skids and then there were MASK.
I was more into Transformers at this time, and I remember a feeling of being underwhelmed by the MASK comic. Since I had only seen MASK on Sky Channel I had become familiar with the characters and their speciality from the cartoon, and I was not that keen on the artwork which felt stale compared to the cartoon. Curt Swan was good in Superman, but I don't think that he was the right choise for MASK, I don't think he really understood the concept and I don't think he felt anything for it either since he didn't put down to much effort in it.
Another thing that I never understood was why Matt recruited an impersonator he had seen performing at a theater, when they had Buddie Hawks back at Boulder Hill, who, as we know, is a master of disguise. Use the agents instead of people from the outside!
This was also the first time that I ever came upon the characters of Bruno Sheppard, Floyd Malloy and Nash Gorey. Because they were not drawn so well and their vehicles even less so (Outlaw wasn't even fully transformed) I didn't even know if they were official characters or something the comics had invented by themselves. Not so weird that I thought so, as there were two guards left behind to watch the performer, being stupidly fooled when he dressed out as Marilyn Monroe.
We continued to collect the entire run of comics, but I never warmed up to the main run on the MASK US comics. I did enjoy the miniseries that I got to read when they were printed in swedish. The characters looked a little bit more like they did in the cartoon and the agents got a little bit more spotlight.
My absolute biggest grife with the US comics was the heavy spotlight on Matt. It was bad enough in the cartoon, but the comics was absurd. Matt was some sort of Superman and there were occassions when he defeated the entire Venom-team by himself. He was so beefed up in powers and Venom so stupid and incompetent that I felt it affected the whole concept. Why is MASK needed if Matt can do the job by himself, and if Venom are so stupid and incompetent, isn't MASK also incompetent who can't put these idiots away?
My feeling is that had my only exposure to MASK been the comics, I would not have become a fan. I'm happy that I was introduced to the concept through the cartoon so I could learn to appreciate the characters and their abilities, because those were not utilized well in the comics. I don't know if the UK comics were better, because I have seen very little of it.
What were your experience and feelings on the comics?
by at 03-06-2021, 02:03 PM
Join me as I'm joined by Den from Sentinel Bay Reviews as we perform surgery on Jackhammer!

[Image: 1615039381_1kgEyHa0hzigsoI.png]
by Patrik Eriksson at 03-04-2021, 07:39 AM
If MASK was ever to be relaunched, do you think that the agents should be more integrated with their vehicles? I thought about some of the masks used, and that their powers had nothing to do with the vehicle they drove. If Alex were to activate Jackrabbit, it was only he who was propelled into the sky, not Rhino or Thunderhawk. Same thing with Aura, we never saw Gloria use the mask to protect Shark or any other vehicles she was riding in.
I think the only time we ever saw a character use his mask on his car was when Buddie connected penetrator to Firecracker in one episode.

So, the question I’m asking is if a new version of MASK should have the masks connected with their vehicles, so that they were working in unison and adding more special abilities.
by at 02-28-2021, 04:45 PM
Episode 12 of Talkin' Overtime is online!
by Patrik Eriksson at 02-27-2021, 09:00 AM
One thing that always bothered me while watching the cartoon was what VENOMs motivations were. Were they terrorists? Mercenaries? Or did they simply strive to get rich?
They did all those things in the cartoon.

The first episodes I watched was The Death Stone and Highway to terror. In both episodes VENOM were terrorists. The Death Stone was to be sold to unfriendly nations to spread destruction. In Highway to terror, they got hold of the means to spread earthquakes, and in Matt’s words attract attention to themselves as a power to be reckoned with. For me at least, this set the tone for what VENOM were. Some of you maybe saw an episode where VENOM was trying to find a hidden treasure and that episode set the stage for how you judged them.

While I definitely would prefer to see VENOM as terrorists, the problem is that they really have no foundation. In the first couple of episodes, they had three vehicles and four active members. That always put them at a disadvantage against MASK since they could be outnumbered. Had MASK ever been backed up by the military VENOM would probably have been vanquished.
So from that perspective I think VENOM were better of as mercenaries, kind of like they were when they struck against the Netherlands and threatened to flood the whole country.

Personally, I was bored with most of the episodes where VENOM was chasing after treasures. Especially since Mayhem was so simple minded that he would cut up items such as Cleopatras barge or melt down the golden totem he sniffed out at a time. If such a thing as Cleopatras barge really existed, Mayhem would probably be paid more by doing it legally and any buyer would be more interested in the golden totem itself then more gold.

During the racing series, Miles mentioned to Maximus that VENOM was a large organisation that spread around the world. However, we never actually saw anything about that, so I don’t pay that much attention to his boasting. In the comics, they were backed up by the Contra World, but this is the cartoon being discussed, so I leave that out.

Anyway, what do you think about the motives of VENOM?
by All about M.A.S.K. at 02-26-2021, 05:41 PM
My (former) collection. I started it in 2000 and since 2012 I have started to sell everything again. Currently I have only a few parts of the collection. 

It came then simply other priorities, such as my children. 

The pictures do not show the last state, but to 90% they are complete.

[Image: 1614361503_pZmrdSgP2BbvRyt.jpg]
[Image: 1614361503_FoDkjvsDfkyAbFp.jpg]
[Image: 1614361503_iXvgOS3D1V1ptTh.jpg]
[Image: 1614361560_7Y9uABS7k7jNJU1.jpg][Image: 1614361562_437gMn3bsGWQhoM.jpg]
[Image: 1614361698_NArHYaClqY6A4Lj.jpg]
[Image: 1614361698_xMktl5XNiCjJkuO.jpg]
[Image: 1614361625_3Yz4kOHazvTvcdg.jpg][Image: 1614361625_vcaG4TFFHnrBjYY.jpg][Image: 1614361625_kN3OtfVl3BEqRm9.jpg][Image: 1614361625_UnU2rPn7Yi5qoUy.jpg]
[Image: 1614361697_8cpie4MoZTyePy0.jpg][Image: 1614361698_vmjZeBWytRGshkK.jpg][Image: 1614361698_U2yu2Wect9Z78gt.jpg][Image: 1614361698_JD6HRPdPLJGjPAk.jpg]
[Image: 1614361748_46E0w0Iqo7Q6LQI.jpg][Image: 1614361749_vLEaEacJeDgezpi.jpg][Image: 1614361749_ahoTnAagT4nR8ZE.jpg][Image: 1614361749_49iBX38QapgMf1f.jpg][Image: 1614361749_qpkJQvyGtgZjmyf.jpg][Image: 1614361749_gHXfygW8ABZgUim.jpg][Image: 1614361749_FbeyQzjHQ4lMU2W.jpg]
[Image: 1614361807_7oI3poHqqMHbbKw.jpg]
[Image: 1614361807_4Es9pNtzJ78HED5.jpg]
[Image: 1614361807_zZHeCg84PRbVHVH.jpg][Image: 1614361807_juiqE80rgnyGO3P.jpg]
[Image: 1614361884_RL1t9VtUFh3e8Jr.jpg][Image: 1614361884_K53RBBXtUF1rK66.jpg]
by Agent on Clogs at 02-24-2021, 09:10 PM
Once upon a time... MASK came out with a line of 1:24 vehicles that came along with 2,5' action figures. Which was actually quite an odd size, as most action figures at the time (and decades after it in fact) were 3,75' (scale 1:18). I guess in order to keep an acceptable pricepoint of the toys they preferred to make everything smaller then the 'standard' at the time.

Fast forward a few decades, and two new M.A.S.K action figures were made, both Matt Trakker, both in 3,75'... but would this be the way forward, if M.A.S.K would be to be remade? Vehicles would be bigger, prices a lot higher...

Moreover, many toy makers have now even switched to 6' action figures in a search for more detail (or restart the collecting) but would this work for M.A.S.K? Let's discuss!
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